3 Things to Consider Before You Print Custom Apparel

Advice from Seaside Park, NJ’s top designers

Are you thinking about having t-shirts or hats printed? Good choice. Listen to the advice from the expert graphic designers at Legendary Logos. On average:

  1. Every man owns eight promotional hats.
  2. People keep their branded shirts for five years.
  3. They keep their branded tote bags for four years.

Promotional products work because they’re useful. While you might throw away a flyer after a couple of days, you won’t throw away something you wear. Get your business in front of as many eyes as possible by printing your logo on a piece of apparel. Reach out to Legendary Logos in Seaside Park, NJ to learn more.

A piece of clothing for everything

Your custom apparel can represent anything you want it to. You can:

  • Support your child’s little league team with custom uniforms.
  • Show off your brand-new business in company t-shirts.
  • Liven up your family reunion with a custom aprons or sweatshirts.
  • Keep the sports season alive with commemorative team baseball caps.
  • Gift your employees with custom embroidered jackets.

Whatever you choose, trust Legendary Logos to design it perfectly and have it shipped to you in no time. Call 732-250-6323 to place an order today.