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1. Will I have to provide a DESIGN when purchasing promotional products from Legendary Logos?

Legendary Logos will create an appropriate design in the size of the imprint area required for the promotional product you choose free of charge, provided you have a logo to send to us that is in a digital format the can be sized. An editable PDF, a high resolution JPG, or an EPS file will work.

2. If Legendary Logos is providing free artwork services with my promotional products purchase why am I being charged a SETUP FEE?

Setup fees are not the same as artwork and design. A setup fee is charged by the manufacturer to create a screen and attach it to the machinery. Many manufacturers may also provide artwork and design services however there is usually an additional fee. Legendary Logos works with our clients to create the artwork and avoid that additional fee.

3. When REODERING will I have to pay a setup fee?

It is customary for the manufacturer to keep screens or plates on file for 2 years. If you reorder the same item with the exact same design within 2 years of your previous order there is usually no setup fee charge. However some manufacturers have a reorder setup fee which is much less than the original setup fee. This is due to the complexity of attaching the screens to the machinery.

4. My logo is multi color but my budget will only allow for a one color imprint, is there a charge to convert my logo to one color?

In most cases a multi color logo can be converted to a one color logo with some minor tweaking. If so Legendary Logos will provide that service free of charge.

5. Is FULL COLOR IMPRINT available on promotional items for an affordable price?

Many manufacturers offer full color digital and/or full color sublimation. The pricing for this service is higher than one color pricing however in some cases is the same or similar to the pricing for two color imprints.

6. Is it possible to have a full color PICTURE imprinted on promotional products?

Yes. There are several manufacturers/suppliers who will print full color digital pictures on the items they supply. Legendary Logos can find the right manufacturer to provide this service. However the picture you provide must be a high resolution JPG. An original size picture taken with a phone usually works.

7. May I pick up my order to avoid shipping charges?

No. Since the promotional products industry consists of two groups, distributors, and suppliers (manufacturers). Most suppliers (manufacturers) will only sell through distributors like Legendary Logos. This helps manufacturers/suppliers keep up a volume of business that will keep their machinery running. Manufacturers ship the items directly from their facility to our customer door.